The restaurant terrace is open again!

The restaurant terrace on the upper floor of Trends & Trade is open once more! This means that you are more than welcome to come and enjoy a delicious lunch, snack, or hot or cold drink. To keep the terrace as safe as possible for everyone, we have drawn up a few rules:  

+ It is only permitted to consume food and drinks outside on the terrace. 

+ The terrace provides seating for 24 people.  

+ You are required to check in. 

+ The terrace is open from 09:00 PM to 4:00 PM every day. 

+ Please keep your stay as short as possible to give as many cardholders as possible the opportunity to use the terrace.  

+ When the terrace is not open, you can buy food from the &GO shop. 

The Trends & Trade team looks forward to welcoming you to the terrace on the upper floor where they will be waiting with a range of delicious refreshments. See you soon!  

Please note! It is not permitted to sit inside the restaurant. You may, however, see people sitting in this area as it is currently being used by our employees and exhibitors to hold meetings or take a break at a safe distance from one another.