The ‘do-good recycled shopping bags’!

Get your hands on one of the handmade ‘Do-good-recycle-shoppers’ from Fashion Extras and do your bit to help local food aid charity ‘Voedselhulp Blerick’.


Sustainable and handmade

The handmade shopping bags are produced in limited runs, in partnership with Venlo-based seamstress Monique Becks. The shopping bags are made from old decorative banners, making them ultra-sustainable! These inexpensive bags are available in Fashion Extras, with all proceeds going to local charity ‘Voedselhulp Blerick’. Get your ‘Do-good-recycle-shoppers’ now!

Gino and Charlotte from Voedselhulp Blerick help people in dire need

The small local charity was set up by husband and wife Gino (64) and Charlotte (63). They hand out food parcels to individuals and families in difficult circumstances, as well as offer advice and support at walk-in clinics in their Internet café. People who are unable to use a normal foodbank because of regulations, and/or who otherwise get left by the wayside, can turn to Gino and Charlotte for help.

Giving old banners a new life

The shopping bags are made from old decorative banners. Four times each year, Trends & Trade, TICA and Fashion Extras present the latest trends. These trends can be seen at various locations in and around the cash & carries, in product presentations, styling points and banners (canvases). These banners have been kept and transformed into fabulous shopping bags. Fashionable, sustainable, and socially responsible: what more could you ask for?

We are passionate about sustainability and local initiatives

Fashion Extras explains the campaign: ‘We believe everyone can stand out. As a buying centre, we serve small and large resellers and professional end users in the lifestyle industry. With this campaign, we are helping a small business owner with a very big heart, and hope that Gino and Charlotte can continue helping people and families in Venlo/Blerick for a long time to come.’