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A matching pot for every style

The collections of Capi Europe feature designer flowerpots that complement every range. With their extensive range of rustic, classic, luxury, and natural planters, you can be sure that each of your customers can find the perfect planter for their home.


About Capi Europe

Capi Europe makes unique designer flowerpots for indoor and outdoor use. With the many different designs and textures, there is a matching flowerpot for every style. Part of the production takes place in a factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In addition to their contemporary design, the Capi flowerpots are also of outstanding quality. Despite their robust exterior, they are lightweight, and they are weather-resistant too.

The perfect flowerpots for every garden and every interior, patio, or balcony. A match for every plant and every style. All flowerpots have their own unique design and are available in many different colours and models, so you can offer each of your customers a flowerpot that suits their particular taste and style.



Capi Europe produces exceptional pots for indoor and outdoor use. These products are known for their light weight and unique design which come in all shapes and sizes. They are also famous for their resistance to frost, UV rays, and moisture and their extensive guarantee and affordability. Each Capi Europe product is unique and has a high-quality finish and natural appearance. The plastic flowerpots are indistinguishable from real stone.


Responsible production

Just like their pots protect plants and flowers, Capi Europe believes that it is important to protect the environment and they are therefore committed to responsible production. Capi Europe has an orange logo to proudly illustrate that they manufacture in the Netherlands, which avoids unnecessary transport costs. Only recycled materials were used in the production of our Capi Made in Holland collection. Capi Europe is the only company in the world with a national, in-house, and unique method of rotational moulding. This saves more than 80% energy during production.


Available all season

Sometimes you purchase an item that sells like hotcakes. But when you try to restock it, it is no longer available. This is profit that you lose out on when you no longer have a bestseller in your range. But at Capi Europe this is not a problem. Their beautiful collections of planters are available all season. If you place an order, you can pick it up from our Cash & Carry within a week. This range of beautiful, high-quality, modern planters can be found at stand G1.02.

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