Yay, even more HouseVitamin!

You probably already know all about the HouseVitamin collection, and if you don’t, now is the perfect time to come and see what all the buzz is about! Over a year ago, this hip Dutch interior design brand took up its spot at Trends & Trade, and ever since, business has been booming. The assortment includes, amongst other things, trendy spine-free cactuses, hand lettered cards with cheeky quotes, attractive storage cabinets, baskets, and other trendy decorative items with an ‘urban touch’ here and there.


Celebrating success!

Many of our clients just love HouseVitamin items. To celebrate this, HouseVitamin has moved into a second stand and filled it with the cutest small furniture pieces. This new collection includes cute bonbon pouffes, side tables, and benches with stylish prints. These items are the perfect addition to the existing collection of decorative items.


Quirky and modern

For quirky small furniture items that are a little bit bold, you can come and see the new HouseVitamin stand at location K1.02! And you can’t miss the other HouseVitamin stand, which you can find at location A2.12.


My opinion?

If you ask me, HouseVitamin’s items are bold, modern, playful, and catchy. My favourite item from the collection of small furniture? The palm tree chair; easy to add to any collection, but also just a little different than the norm. Complete your collection of interior design articles with these wannahaves and surprise your customers with this amazingly cool assortment!


Every interior needs HouseVitamin

Wanna read more about HouseVitamin?

I’ll keep you posted!


See you soon @Trends & Trade


Love, Layla

HouseVitamin bankje velours klein-meubelenHouseVitamin bonbon pouf en ijzeren stoel klein-meubelenflamingo stoel