NEW | Sajovi B.V.

As a lover of all things wellness, I’m extremely happy with the arrival of Sajovi. The amazing bath and fragrance products by Bomb Cosmetics and Green Leaf are a great addition to our gift range.

Bomb Cosmetics
The fun bath bombs by Bomb Cosmetics look great and release an intoxicating scent! They all have their own designs, from multicoloured to fun shapes, and dissolve layer by layer in an amazing display of colour.
The bath bombs by Bomb Cosmetics transform bath time into a spa experience. The massaging and relaxing effects of the fizzing bubbles will create a perfect moment of enjoyment for your customer. The effervescence also gradually spreads the fragrance through the bath and bathroom. In a word: wonderful! Great gift additions to your range!


Green Leaf
Green Leaf recently launched a refreshing collection of fragrances. This wide range of seasonal fragrances ensures that you have the right fragrance for every season and every occasion to optimize your collection. The intoxicating fragrances are perfect for your shop and are sure to boost sales.


Create the perfect gift.

Mix and match Green Leaf fragrances with the bath bombs by Bomb Cosmetics to create unique gift sets. The extensive collection means you’re sure to create a set to suit everyone, along with an irresistible gift collection to boot! You can find Green Leaf and Bomb Cosmetics at the Sajovi stand at Vlonder 1.

I’ll keep you posted!

See you soon @Trends & Trade.

Love, Layla