NEW | De Houtkraam

As promised: an update on the latest developments at Trends & Trade and Fashion Extras. We’re kicking off the new year with several new exhibitors, which certainly warrant an update! One of these exhibitors is De Houtkraam.

De Houtkraam: retro-vintage children’s gifts, toys, and more!

De Houtkraam specializes in children’s decorations, gifts, toys, and other products with a retro-vintage feel! All products by De Houtkraam are made in Eastern Europe.

Does your collection include toys and children’s decorations? Or would you like to add these products to your range? If so, stop by De Houtkraam stand during your next visit for trendy toys, children’s room decorations, religious products, and much more! The stand is located at Vlonder 3. Below you will find an impression of the trendy products carried by De Houtkraam.

I’ll keep you posted!

See you soon @Trends & Trade.

Love, Layla