Women empowering @Fairtrade week

It’s almost time for Fair Trade Week 2018!

The autumn edition of the Fair Trade Week will be held from 27 October to 4 November. During this national campaign week, the importance of fair trade will be highlighted by various supermarkets, fair trade shops, companies, municipalities, and individuals. Will you be participating in this special week?


Girl power

The theme for the 2018 edition of the Fair Trade Week is Women Empowering. This is an important theme for the Fair Trade Week to address, as inequality remains a major obstacle to human and social development, even in the world of Fair Trade. Fair Trade wants to dismantle unequal power relations to increase the levels of gender equality and give women more power by increasing their human, social, financial, and physical capital.

This is, once again, a fantastic cause to place in the spotlight. Who run the world? GIRLS!


Fair Trade in brief

Fair Trade is a sustainable form of business. By paying people fair wages for their work, local communities are given the opportunity to create a better life. With this extra income, schools can be built, wells can be dug, sanitary facilities can be constructed, and so much more. For these people, Fair Trade makes the difference between merely surviving and actual development.

Fair items @ Trends & Trade

At Trends & Trade there are several exhibitors who are committed to Fair Trade. Take part and highlight the importance of Fair Trade in your business.

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