Only Natural: colorful, refined & so current!

from paper mâché to pop-out Christmas ornaments

The Only Natural range is colourful and includes cushions, aluminium pots, pans, and lamps; but the beautiful products made of paper are clearly where the emphasis lies. ‘Using paper offers great versatility and endless possibilities. You can constantly do new things with paper, use it in a different way, and dream up and then create something new with paper. That is why we enjoy working with this material so much ,’ says Ciska Jansen.


fun fact!

Only Natural entered into a collaboration with a paper manufacturer in India – a person who, at the age of 18, started the business from his parents’ attic room. His paper manufacturing business has expanded to the point where he now has four workshops and employs many people. We are very pleased that his companies ensure that their working conditions are good. Only Natural’s products are innovative, original, fashionable, and truly contemporary!


The company started with a focus on paper products in 1983. At the time, fair trade and ecological thinking was a revolutionary concept. To this very day, Only Natural stays true to these core values and offers a wide range of artisanal products.