A billion-euro business: Halloween!
Halloween is both a festival and an autumn trend that’s been gaining in popularity these past years. Although some don’t look forward to this most devilish of celebrations,
more and more people this side of the Atlantic are joining in with this American ghoul fest. At the end of October, many shops, homes, primary schools, amusement parks, and clubs and bars are dominated by carved pumpkins, creepy decorations, and themed parties. So it’s no surprise that people are spending more on spooky accessories. Some reports on the Internet have estimated that the ‘horror industry’ in the Netherlands is worth more than 6.3 billion euros. Just have a look at this report from 2015 (!): https://www.nu.nl/weekend/4155359/nederland-om-halloween-blijvertje.html).

Ok, let’s shop!
Although Trends & Trade currently offers a whole range of Christmas decorations, exhibitors Yapes & Pusteblumen have their sights set on the all-important October celebration and have filled their shelves with essential Halloween items.

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