H.V. Peter Jungbluth: the place to come for high-quality Christmas lighting and fairy lights

Long, cosy evenings in December

Short days, long evenings and nights, frosty temperatures, and – of course – Christmas… these are the things we love about December. After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a warm house and snuggling under a blanket. With night setting in at half past four, this is the perfect time to light the candles, turn on the fairy lights, and bring some warmth into your home.


High quality and excellent service

Christmas lighting is an essential part of celebrations in December. At Peter Jungbluth, you will find Christmas and fairy lights to dress up your shop, shop window, and product displays and get your customers into that festive spirit.

Peter Jungbluth is specialized in Christmas lighting and fairy lights, supplying high-quality lighting and an excellent level of service to match. The company provides large and small-scale decorative lighting, from classic Christmas lighting to fairy lights featuring a neutral design or sporting Christmas-inspired figures. Make sure you visit Peter Jungbluth at location C2.14 for Christmas lights and fairy lights in various colours and lengths (up to 34 metres)!