Accents @ Sfeerpunt

This autumn, Sfeerpunt will be making a stylish addition to its assortment. With its new Accents line, Bolsius introduces a collection of exquisite scented candles with an elegant look and feel. The Accents line allows you to enjoy those pleasant and comfortable moments of life with even greater intensity.

In addition to giving off a delightful and inviting fragrance, the elegant look of this versatile item means it can be sold in your store as a beautiful decorative item and it is the perfect gift to delight any recipient. Each scent has its own individual character as well as the ability to conjure up your most cherished memories.

Home is the place where we feel most comfortable. Consumers are always looking for everyday moments of happiness through the use of colours, textures, and details. This was the inspiration for Bolsius’s brand new scented candle line. Experience the quality.