Rocaflor | Handmade with a passion for craftsmanship!

The handmade rugs, pouffes, and cushions by Rocaflor are made in India where this traditional craft is passed on from generation to generation. Rocaflor works together with these Indian craftsmen to continually produce new collections. This creates a good working environment and a sustainable production process that safeguards the continued existence of this centuries-old craft.

After all, it is the touch of the master’s hand that gives a product soul.

Rocaflor offers a wide variety of home and table accessories, lighting, and handmade rugs, pouffes, and cushions. The Rocaflor product range is defined by handmade products created with a passion for craftsmanship. Based on the knowledge that it is the touch of the master’s hand that gives a product soul, each unique collection is defined by handmade products and craftsmanship.

A personal message

Rocaflor is proud of its collections and its employees and wants to share its enthusiasm with the world. This is why their unique handmade products come with a personal message. The maker adds a personally signed note that serves as a token of appreciation for the buyer. By purchasing a product from Rocaflor you make a contribution to the Care & Fair Foundation which promotes fair trade and fights against child labour.


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