An early Christmas tip

The ultimate Christmas item: paraffin lanterns

Almost time for Christmas purchasing!
The Christmas purchasing season is about to start and as of mid-August you’ll find plenty of Christmas products at many of our exhibitors. We want to give you a fun tip to make your Christmas collection extra-special this year.
Supplier Rijnberk Import distinguishes itself through the high quality of its beautiful paraffin lanterns. With these lanterns the possibilities are endless! The paraffin lanterns are available all-year round and, as their uses are endless, they are also perfect for summer!

Handmade in Holland
The paraffin lanterns are produced in the Netherlands and have a unique look. The product is hand-crafted from paraffin and the special structure allows it to give various shades of light when using a tea light. Great as a decorative item, as a gift item, or as part of a Christmas wreath.
This product is also ideal to print with transfers, and so makes the perfect promotional gift or advertisement or for special events such as births, weddings, or for the festive season. If you are interested in finding out the possibilities, contact Rijnberk Import at

Countless possibilities
Many florists are already big fans of the paraffin lanterns. This is because the paraffin lanterns can also be used as a flowerpot, vase, wine holder, Christmas ornament, and more!
With the festive season approaching, this product makes for the perfect centrepiece of a Christmas wreath with a tea light or LED lighting. This paraffin product also makes for creative gift items such as a personalized wine holder (a bottle of wine fits perfectly in size 1213 or 1217 or a bottle of champagne in size 1517) or a base for a flower arrangement.

Take a look at the stand of Rijnberk Import at F1.06B for further inspiration.