Have you visited our new website yet?

You might have seen that the Trends & Trade website has been given a makeover! With this new website we have more options to share inspiration and fun facts and news!

In addition to the new vibrant design, a few new functionalities have been added to the website. Here are some of the new features:

a complete overview of our range

The new website contains an overview of all product groups such as ‘gifts’ or ‘floristry products’. This makes it even easier for you to find the products you need. This page also contains a complete overview of the Trends & Trade range and all 180 exhibitors.

conveniently plan your route before your visit!

If, for example, you are visiting us only to purchase stylish garden décor, you can find a list of all exhibitors that offer garden décor on the garden decoration product page. This helps you to plan your route before your purchasing visit and ensures that you won’t miss any exhibitors that might have exactly what you’ve been looking for!

search for a specific exhibitor

Are you looking for a specific exhibitor but don’t know where exactly to find them at Trends & Trade? Don’t worry! Each exhibitor has their own page on our website, like Rex London, for example. This page will give you the exact location of the exhibitor on the map. This will help you to purchase even more efficiently at Trends & Trade.

stay informed of the latest trends and news

In addition to the improved search function for a matching product, the new website also has lots of news and inspiration. Here you can read everything about the trend of the season with some relevant practical information and discover the very latest news about our exhibitors and other interesting facts and news. This way, you’re always up to date!

We are curious to find out what you think of our new website. Do you find think that it looks great and is it easy to use? Are you missing important information or do you have any tips or comments? Then please let us know at communicatie@trendstrade.com!