Broste Copenhagen’s new stand

Exhibitor Broste Copenhagen has moved! Broste swapped its stand at location I2.06 for one that is twice the size at location J2.02, which means that this great interior brand can show off twice as many products.  

It has Scandinavian design written all-over

Broste Copenhagen’s extensive collection of home accessories, furniture, and crockery is all inspired by the Nordic way of life. The collections are unmistakably Scandinavian. Broste Copenhagen’s design team is always looking for the right balance between current trends and Norwegian traditions. Each year, Broste manages to make an impression with two collections that include the most beautiful candles, lanterns, tableware, textiles, and decorative items.

made in a way that respects people and nature

Since 1955, Broste has been creating ‘The Nordic Way of life’ that is inspired by nature and a fondness towards Scandinavian traditions. ‘The Nordic Way of life’ is raw, pure, elegant, and timeless as well as always in step with the latest interior design trends. The products are always made in a way that respects people and nature while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Come look at Broste’s new stand, which is located at J2.02.


Broste Copenhagen – J2.02