trend tip: vintage floral prints

the perfect addition to your collection!


we love the floral trend

Vintage floral prints are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, from posters and paintings to pillows, curtains, and other home textiles. Bold patterns and floral prints seemed to fall out of fashion for a while, but they’ve since made a big comeback!

And we couldn’t be happier. To inspire you, we selected several products that can be found at both Trends & Trade and Fashion Extras.


home, gift & garden fashion accessories!

Vintage floral prints are a mainstay on the fashion scene.
Add these floral-print products to your current collection to add a touch of luxury. Experiment with fashion accessories to ramp up your additional sales!


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interested in these products?

Below you will find an overview of the products, the exhibitor names, and the exhibitor locations.


  1. Set of dessert forks – Pantrex BV, location H1.06 ( Trends & Trade )
  2. Tableware – Pantrex BV, location H1.06 ( Trends & Trade )
  3. Sunglasses – Borghans Saul ( Fashion Extras )
  4. Wall decoration –, location Vl.4 ( Trends & Trade )
  5. Wallet – Me Lady ( Fashion Extras )
  6. Bag – Bdifferent ( Fashion Extras )
  7. Dress – Bdifferent ( Fashion Extras )
  8. Room spray – Home Delight, location F1.06a (Trends & Trade )
  9. Sandals – V.O.F. Van den Abbeelen ( Fashion Extras )
  10. Body cream – Health & Beauty International ( Fashion Extras )
  11. Wall decoration –, location Vl.4 ( Trends & Trade )