HOT trend: cool kitchen products!

the perfect addition to your home, gift, and garden range



cool kitchen items that add atmosphere

The idea of a kitchen as an extension of the living room is a popular concept. That’s what makes stylish kitchen accessories a must-have in your collection. Trends & Trade carries a wide range of kitchen products, kitchen accessories, and kitchen decorations.


kitchen accessories: the perfect gift

Kitchen accessories, gadgets, and decorations are popular gifts for both men and women!
Cool grill accessories or the perfect leather apron are two gifts that are sure to be a hit with the men in your life.


must-have garden products

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for warm evenings spent cooking outdoors and dining al fresco!
This naturally calls for the right outdoor kitchen accessories and decorations. Expand your collection with these cool items that help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen!



Interested in cool kitchen items?

Below you will find an overview of the products, the exhibitor names, and the exhibitor locations.



  1. Cast ion pan with wooden pot holder – Greenpark International, location E1.16
  2. French press, small – TTP Concepts, location J1.02
  3. Metal clips – TTP Concepts, location J2.02
  4. Cast iron pot, small – TTP Concepts, location J1.02
  5. French press, large – TTP Concepts, location J1.02
  6. Cutting boards Amsterdam L – CPU Europe, location J2.15
  7. Cast iron pot, large – TTP Concepts, location J1.02
  8. Metal pot – Greenpark International, location E1.16
  9. Measuring spoon – TTP Concepts, location J2.02
  10. Cutting boards Amsterdam S – CPU Europe, location J2.15
  11. Metal grill pan – Greenpark International, location E1.16
  12. Cutting board Amsterdam M – CPU Europe, location J2.15
  13. Leather apron – CPU Europe, location J2.15
  14. Artificial herbs/plants – Colours & Green, location B2.04
  15. Artificial herbs/plants – Colours & Green, location B2.04