Styling tips from Marco & Inez

Inspiration for your collection, store presentation, or window display!

Read Marco and Inez’s styling tips about the New Vintage spring trend and gain inspiration for your own collections, store presentations, and window displays!


Styling tip from Marco



Present your story!

Products that have a story are far more interesting than that same product with just a price tag attached.
Use photo frames with a handwritten story or tip for a product or the collection in your display. This can be a Fair Trade product that has a great story behind it or a product for which you create your own story. In this case, you create a context; a comment or tip about a product that lets your clients know that the product is original.


Boost sales

Present your own story using labels, stick-in labels, standards, or photo frames and highlight a few products to boost their sales.


Styling tip from Inez


Old gets a brand-new look

You can create a vintage style in many different ways. You don’t have to delve through all the antiques markets to find the perfect items; you can create a vintage look with new products too. It is the combination of old and new that gives your collection a unique twist. When purchasing your vintage collection get a few large glass vases with a mother-of-pearl sheen from Fidrio, rugs with coarse stitching available from Home Delight, and products that are made according to the Cradle to Cradle principle. Bright silk branches or spring flowers from Colours & Green and W.deJong&Zn. create a vibrant spring feeling. This will make your vintage collection look old, but with a modern and vibrant spring makeover.


Don’t be afraid to combine different styles

The last few seasons were all about combining various styles and materials to create the perfect collection. Nothing has changed in this spring trend. We continue to combine products in different styles and contrasting materials.

Real vintage products with big statement vases and products made from natural materials give your collection an individual character. Products in the ‘New Vintage’ trend can vary extensively, as long as the colour base remains calm, by using a palette of pastels, for example. Old pink, faded green, and light blue are the trending colours.


At exhibitors such as Be-Unique, Evenaar, Light & Living, and Van Manen Veenendaal you can find beautiful vintage decorative items such as vases, ‘antique’ boxes, and pretty little steps. Products that have a natural look such as papier mâché baskets and wooden steps are highly popular items and create a sense of serenity in your styling. Mix and match to your heart’s content this spring!