New: Manfred Spaargaren’s chocolates available at Trends & Trade

A guaranteed delight, nothing but the best!

This isn’t just chocolate, this is chocolate by Manfred Spaargaren! Manfred creates and sells a wide range of the most delicious chocolate bonbons of his own design. Manfred is a true bon vivant and confectionery genius. While he follows trends in lifestyle, craftsmanship is his calling. He shows this by perfecting traditional flavours such as freshly roasted nuts, coffee and home-made alcoholic spirits (liquor fillings). New flavours are created and tested every day in his modern chocolate kitchens in Uithoorn. For years, Manfred Spaargaren has been an established name among fine restaurants, hotels, and established pastry chefs. Now his amazing creations are available at Trends & Trade.


Sustainable and fair

Manfred’s chocolate is not only exquisite, but also fair. He adheres to Fairtrade principles and sustainable practices throughout the chocolate-making process. This means that only the best and purest ingredients are selected for his chocolate bonbons. Manfred only uses sustainably produced chocolate, made from cocoa he purchases from Callebaut. Callebaut has set up a programme to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their families.



The most delicious and exclusive chocolate bonbon collections

Should you need any more convincing, Manfred Spaargaren is the only confectioner in the Netherlands who makes his own alcoholic spirits (liquor fillings). His exclusive collection of chocolate bonbons contains liquor fillings derived from ingredients such as tonka beans, vanilla, and saffron, to name a few. Manfred Spaargaren’s chocolate bonbons are made according to the Swiss method in order to guarantee the perfect amount of chocolate coating. Manfred specifically avoided the Belgian style of making chocolate bonbons, as it results in a layer of chocolate that is too thick for his creations.


A colourful assortment for the festive season

Manfred Spaargaren even caters to the seasonal celebrations! In the run-up to Easter, he creates a stunning collection of bunnies, and for Christmas he creates a range of themed chocolates. Manfred Spaargaren isn’t just limited to chocolates, as he also offers a range of mixed nuts and biscuits. Have a taste and treat your customers to these delicious chocolate bonbons!


Manfred Spaargaren’s confectionery can be found at stand A1.02.