the festive Christmas table

Inez’s ten practical tips for the perfect Christmas table


The lights on the tree are twinkling, the house is decked out in Christmas cheer, and inside it’s cosy and warm. The Christmas season has begun! It’s the perfect time to go big. As in previous years, we’re seeing that people go all-out on their festive Christmas table. It’s an excellent opportunity for your business. In this blog, we’ll share some tips and inspiration that will show you how to make the most of the trend.



This year’s Christmas trend is Christmas Sparkle. It’s a trend with a classic, rustic look and feel that features a whole range of elegant, luxury products. The mix of gold glitter and glamour galore paired with black give this a warmer feel. Using white as a counterpoint ensures that the gold accessories really stand out. Fancy tableware, eye-catching flatware, chic napkins, plenty of Christmas ornaments, and the most gorgeous glassware; our stylist, Inez, has taken it all and transformed it into a beautiful Christmas tablescape. ‘You almost can’t go wrong with this colour combination! You can mix and match different styles within this trend, and as long as you stick to the colour palette, it’ll be a success!’ says Inez.



Inez’s ten practical tips for the perfect Christmas table

  1. Go for height! Take a few slim, tall vases or candelabras and decorate them with glittering branches or Christmas greens. That saves room on the table for Christmas dinner.
  2. Christmas isn’t Christmas without evergreens. The scent of Christmas greens is the perfect addition to the Christmas ambience! If you don’t have any evergreens on hand, the faux version can work, too.
  3. Don’t forget the candles, lanterns, and tea lights to really set the scene!
  4. Fancy tableware, of course, is a vital part of the perfect Christmas table. Don’t have any tableware in your product range? Then use a nice charger plate in the Christmas Sparkle trend colours.
  5. Every party needs confetti, so why not try some hip confetti streamers above the Christmas table!
  6. Go for something a bit different than the traditional table runner. Think outside the box and use a bit of faux fur.
  7. What makes a toast more festive? Special glassware, of course!
  8. Flatware is the finishing touch for the tablescape. This is where you can really delve into the luxury feeling this Christmas.
  9. The Christmas Sparkle trend also features a lot of traditional Christmas decor. That could be cheerful snow globes, luxury ornaments, matching napkins, and detailed Christmas baubles aplenty!
  10. Do you have space for a sample table in your store? Give your customers an idea of what they could do with their own creative place cards and table decorations!


All of the products featured on this inspiration table are available at Trends & Trade.

Lavandoux – fur and room dividers |RHB- stand space and table | Broste – tableware, flatware, glasses, cups, and candles | Colours & green – Christmas greens | Prospectt b.v. – lanterns | CK kerst – Christmas baubles | Bloemetjes & zo – Confetti ornaments| Only natural – Confetti streamers | Clayre & Eef – Candelabra | Goodwill – Glitter branches | HDN – Glitter trees | Scheulen – porcelain tray and snow globe


how to create this look

Want to have your own gorgeous, in-house Christmas table? Then mix and match with a range of different styles to create a fun effect. Take a look some of the products you could use.




Clayre & Eef – Candelabra | 2. CK kerst – Christmas baubles | 3. Scheulen – porcelain tray & CK kerst – Christmas baubles | 4. Only natural – Confetti streamers | 5. Bloemetjes & zo – Confetti balls | 6. Broste – flatware | 7. Bloemetjes & zo – pillow | 8. Scheulen – porcelain tray and snow globe


Best wishes for a joyful and festive Christmas shopping season!