romantic products by Affra

products with an elegant, romantic ambience


What is it that’s so inviting about the romantic interior? Perhaps it’s the feeling of stepping back in time, drifting away into a daydream of gorgeous old homes full of ornaments, decorative furniture, and beautiful accessories with an eye for detail.



With products by Affra, you can give this ambience a bit of a boost. At Affra, you’ll find elegant jewellery boxes, along with mannequins draped in luxurious fabrics and gorgeous gemstones. Mirrors and frames with sophisticated woodwork and hand-painted scenes provide the perfect feeling of elegance and romance! These accessories will take you back in time to a classical era everyone wants to visit again.


Want to inspire your customers with that kind of dreamy mood? Come take a look at what Affra has to offer at stand A2.09 at Trends & Trade.