Inspirational Amazona chalk paint and wax demonstration

Interactive demonstration by Amazona


Interior stylist and author of the book Krijtverf & Kalkwas (chalk paint and whitewash) Christel van Bragt, will be showing you what you can do with paint and wax on Monday 2 October from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM at Trends & Trade.


She will provide practical information about the products and explain techniques such as whitewashing, colour waxing, and shading. Christel will also give tips for interior styling, what colours do for large spaces, how furniture can be given a new purpose, and which colours combine well. Be inspired during this presentation. The wide range of paint is available at the Amazona chalk paint & wax stand!


Take a look at the informative Amazona YouTube channel where Christel gives tutorials about how to use Amazona chalk paint & wax.