Creative gifts and divinely scented candles at Lumento

The perfect exhibitor with everything you need to complete your gift collection


Lumento has an interesting and extravagant collection with many different scented candles, fragrance sticks, incense, fragrance atomizers, and anti-tobacco candles. Experience the refreshing, energizing, or relaxing effect of each unique scent. The candles by Lumento are available in many different shapes and sizes, such as delicate butterflies and candles with playful details. Give the special soya candles by Lumento, made form pure vegetarian wax a try as well.


In addition to the extensive range of candles and fragrance products, Lumento also offers a creative and colourful assortment of gift items. These include trendy and funny gel candles shaped like a glass of beer or wine, pretty lanterns, cocktail shakers, and more.


Lumento can be found at their new lovely and heavenly scented stand at C2.11! Click here for the floor plan. Visit the new stand, pick your favourite products, and offer your customers a huge selection of lovely candles and other fun gifts. There’s something for everyone!