Do you already have children’s toys in your collection?

a range of suppliers offering a cheerful selection of children’s toys


In addition to the regular selection of items for the home, gift, and garden sector, Trends & Trade offers much more! For instance, our food court is packed with delicious artisanal products; you’ll find beauty products in a variety of locations; and several exhibitors have wedding items on offer… and that’s just one side street! But the selection of children’s toys is well represented at Trends & Trade, too. That includes things like fun wooden puzzles, adorable stuffed animals, or beautiful tableware for kids. You will find children’s toys at the following five exhibitors.


If you’re looking to add to your collection at Trends & Trade, but are not specialized in children’s toys, the range of children’s toys on offer is still ideal for add-on sales or perfect for creating a fun kid’s corner in your store!


exposant 1 - lighthouse_all

lighthouse trading-trendstrade-trendsentrade-kinderspeelgoed-exposant_compilatie website

LightHouse Trading is well known for their wide range of gift items, including books, stationery, cushions, greeting cards, and much more. Design and prints are the driving force here, and you can see it in the whole collection. LightHouse Trading also offers a wide range of food and drink products for kids, as well as tableware, thermos flasks, lunchboxes, cups, and cool bags. The vintage toys and fun gadgets for kids are a great addition to LightHouse Trading’s product range. You can find LightHouse Trading at stand J2.02. Click here for the floor plan.


exposant 2 - Ginger LIFESTYLE_all

Gingerlifestyle-trendstrade-trendsentrade-kinderspeelgoed-exposant_compilatie website

GINGER Lifestyle’s motto is all about enjoying life and ‘giving a smile to the world’. This philosophy really shines through in the original, quirky, bold designs in GINGER’s collection. In addition to a comprehensive range of decorative indoor and outdoor products, GINGER offers colourful items designed for kids. At GINGER, you’ll find fun kitchen aprons, a variety of original stuffed animals and toys, but more than anything, a huge collection of high-quality melamine tableware with the most adorable designs. You can find GINGER in the trend area. Click here for the floor plan.


exposant 3 - padia.nl_all

padia.nl-trendstrade-trendsentrade-kinderspeelgoed-exposant_compilatie website

Padia has a wide range on offer, from pans, trivets, and wine accessories to nautical décor such as lighthouses, fish traps, and lifebuoys. You can also find a large collection of children’s toys at Padia, from wooden toys and rocking horses for the little tykes to fun gadgets for the older kids. Padia has the best gifts for every age. You can find Padia at stand B1.10. Click here for the floor plan.


exposant 4 - Promotion Design_all

Promotiondesign-trendstrade-trendsentrade-kinderspeelgoed-exposant_compilatie website

With stuffed animals and cloth dolls in all shapes and sizes, from classic teddy bears to plush suitcases and cute cloth rattles, you’re sure to find cheerful gifts and a broad, ever-changing product range at Promotion Design. In addition to plush pals, you’ll find a handmade collection of decorative cake and pastries and a line of wonderful home fragrances from Italy. You can find Promotion Design at site A1.18. Click here for the floor plan.


exposant 5 - Wolvies Shop_all

Wolvies Shop-trendstrade-trendsentrade-kinderspeelgoed-exposant_compilatie website

Wolvies Shop’s wide range mainly focuses on children’s toys, including lovely wooden jigsaw puzzles, doll’s houses, and doll’s carriages. Wolvies Shop is also the perfect choice for tea sets, suitcases, and other toys. You can find Wolvies Shop at stand L1.05. Click here for the floor plan.
Come to Trends & Trade to add to your children’s collection and discover what these suppliers have to offer.