bring some summer into your collection with flowers and plants from W.deJong&Zn.

a fresh collection of silk flowers and plants at Trends & Trade


Give your collection the freshness of summer with these silk flowers and plants from W.deJong&Zn. The possibilities are endless. You can really let your space bloom, bring delightful details to your shop window’s style, dress up a beautiful terrace, or sell them paired with lovely decorative vases or wreaths!


a good look at trends in the flower industry

W.deJong&Zn is an internationally operating wholesaler of artificial silk flowers and plants. Having focused on dealers and bulk sales since 1959, W.deJong&Zn. knows everything there is to know about the trends and demands that inform their product range. Their personal approach and comprehensive, up-to-date selection make them a popular exhibitor a Trends & Trade. You can find W.deJong&Zn. at stand D2.19 at Trends & Trade. Click here for the floor plan.


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