Woonstijl landelijk

Rustic/ romantic interior style  

The rustic/romantic interior style is characterized by natural elements and instils a cosy sense of nostalgia. There’s a good reason why it is one of the most popular interior styles in the Netherlands! 

Creating a rustic/romantic interior  

If you are aiming for a rustic/romantic interior, natural elements are very important. Calming colours and natural materials give the interior a welcoming feel, making you instantly feel at home. This style of living is warm and cosy, with lots of attention to comfort and relaxation and a touch of romanticism. In a rustic interior, you’ll find lots of robust furniture and decorative elements originally from farmhouses. These items have a soft and warm ambience with a classic touch. 

Natural materials  

Natural, robust materials are a must in a rustic interior, such as authentic wooden dining tables and robust cupboards and sideboards. Wood, rattan, and wool dominate in this interior style, but textiles such as linen and cotton are also popular materials. You can never have enough cushions, plaids, sheepskins and table linen in this style of living. Decorate with rattan living accessories, such as baskets and trays, to inject that warm, rustic feeling. Padded sofas and armchairs are very popular in this interior style. Give these a prominent place in your interior, then complete the look with candles and beautiful artificial plants.  

Rustic use of colour  

This interior trend relies heavily on sand and earth shades combined with natural colours. The colours white, beige, taupe and warm grey form the basis for this trend, and they are often applied in a matt finish.  

Target group  

This interior style appeals to people who love nature, cosiness, and romance. Fans of rustic/romantic living like a nice atmosphere when shopping and get most of their inspiration from TV programmes and interiors magazines. This customer group prefers items to be presented harmoniously, with lavishly decorated cabinets. People who prefer a rustic/romantic interior have an affinity for craftsmanship and decoration that draws on recognizable aspects from the past. 

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