modern design interior

Modern/design interior style  

The modern/design interior style is characterized by sleek lines, spacious layouts, and high-end functional design. This interior style is pure, organized, and radiates calm.  

Creating a modern/design interior  

If you opt for a modern interior, choose a spacious layout that showcases the furniture to full effect. Less is more in this interior style! A modern interior has a luxurious appearance, without fussy details. Design is important, furniture is sleek and functional, with no frills. Keep the decoration minimal, so that the overall look is simplistic and spacious. Classic elements perfectly complement a modern interior. Everything is carefully thought-out; the person who lives here clearly has great style!  

Modern materials  

Plastic, chrome, stainless steel, glass, and leather abound in a modern interior. These materials are used in large items of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, cupboards and tables, as well as in lighting and minimalist accessories. Combine these sleek materials with textiles to create a beautiful contrast and showcase the separate elements to greater effect, such as sleek sofas, rugs, and cushions. 

Modern/design use of colour  

A modern interior style relies mainly on basic colours such as black and white, but grey and brown hues also work well in a modern interior. Bright accent colours are used to create contrast. These accent colours are seen in subtle accessories, a coloured armchair or a colourful piece of art. Such items complement the otherwise neutral colour palette particularly well.  

Target group  

This interior style appeals to people who dream of living in a large city-centre loft apartment. This customer group likes to be inspired and informed, but doesn’t have much time for this. Art and design are very important, as is price. The collection must be clearly presented, with an accessory here and there. Above all, it must not be too full or too hectic; convenience is an important principle for this customer. Services such as click & collect and home delivery are appreciated.  

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