colorful interior

Expressive colorful interior style

This interior style is characterized by unique objects, colorful, striking shapes, and surprising elements. In this style of interior, almost anything goes!  

Creating an expressive interior  

An expressive interior excites the imagination, with separate combinations of different materials and mixed interior styles from hip, unique and retro to Scandinavian, trendy, and design. Let your creativity run free and create an interior that suits your personality!   

Expressive materials  

In an expressive interior, different and luxurious materials are combined with each other. An expressive interior is anything but basic! Flamboyant artworks in bold colours and all the latest technology form the core elements. 

Expressive use of colour  

The colours in this interior style are bright and bold. Anything goes! Combine lots of different, bright colours and unique shapes to make your interior unique.    

Target group  

This interior style appeals to people who have the courage to experiment. Striking home accessories and surprising items are very important to this target group. They find inspiration online, and often shop online too. They are always on the lookout for new and completely unique items for their interior. Run-of-the-mill doesn’t cut it for this target group, it has to be truly unique.

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