Reopening hospitality

YAY! Starting June 5, the hospitality industry is allowed to fully open again and we are looking forward to it! This is the moment to give your hospitality business the last touch ups before the guests start flooding in again. In our cash & carry you can shop for the most beautiful items, whether you are looking for new (outdoor) furniture, tableware or the most beautiful (fake) plants, it’s all possible with our wide range. Below we give you a few tips on how you can decorate your hospitality business completely on trend.

+ a little can go a long way

To give your hospitality company a new look and feel, you do not always have to buy a whole new piece of furniture. With a small adjustment you can make a big difference. Think for example of a different set of dishes or change the decorative items on your tables.

+ eye catcher

A cool eye catcher is always a good idea. Visitors will remember you, take pictures and tell friends and family about your business. Your eyecatcher can be as crazy as you can think of. For example, you can go for a custom-made piece of furniture or a unique piece of art. An eyecatcher does not have to be expensive, you can also transform a wall with a beautiful wallpaper.

+ mood lighting

The lighting in your business largely determines the atmosphere. In general, warm / soft colours do well. Besides the general lighting, nice mood lighting is also very important. This can be both inside and outside, think of a beautiful garland of lights that illuminates your terrace.

+ homely

By adding homely elements to your business you create a place where people like to come. This can be done in many different ways, for example by using rugs or a lounge chair but also by adding magazines or a game cabinet.

Shop your hospitality must haves in our cash & carry’s in Venlo and Aalsmeer. Here you will find an extensive collection of (garden) furniture, home decoration and more to get your hospitality business ready for the reopening.

By the way, did you know that our restaurant will be reopening this weekend? You can visit us daily for a delicious lunch, snack or hot/cold drink.