J-line new collections

J-line has once again pulled out all the stops! Be surprised by the beautiful collections for decorating your interior, shop, or styling project. Discover the collections below and buy your favourite items at the Trends & Trade B2B purchasing centre!

Yellow Mellow

Creating a homely, cosy atmosphere is easy with this collection. The warm yellow colours create a sense of togetherness, simplicity, and liveliness. Live life in warm yellows!

Les Années Folles

This collection is all about the roaring twenties, a period when everything flowed in abundance. Details are particularly important in this trend. Golden accents, plumes, luxury crockery, flowers, and glass candlesticks give this trend its chic twenties character. Let’s party like Gatsby! You are invited…

Pumpkin spice

Cosiness and warmth characterize this collection, in which wood and copper tones play a central role. Combine with petrol blue textiles and glassware from the collection to create attractive, colourful accents in your interior. Make the most of autumn – the year’s last, loveliest smile.

Moroccan Mood

Bring the magic of Morocco into your interior with this collection. The beautiful patterns on the cushions, the lanterns, the diffusers, and the tea-light holders add an Oriental charm and romantic touch to your interior. Take care of your mind as well as your interior.

Imperial Plum

This collection is characterized by beautiful flowers and the generous palette of colours which includes emerald green and aubergine. Experience the baroque style in a very contemporary and modern way! Minimalistic and refined. No worries. No regrets. No fear. Go all in!

Nuit Noire

Black and metal are at the heart of this rock ‘n roll collection. For interiors with a powerful character – where you might find a skull full of glitter! Keep calm and be your own rock ‘n roll queen! The night is yours!

Royal Gold

Transform your home, shop, or business into a palace with the Royal Gold collection. This collection is all about gold and luxury. Shine like gold, sparkle like glitter.

Winter Wonderland

Create your own Winter Wonderland with this beautiful collection. Characterized by light colours and transparent, shimmering materials, this collection will certainly remind you of the Far North! Marvel at the beautiful and enchanting interior accessories and… take a walk into your own magical Winter Wonderland.

Cherry Berry

Create your Insta-worthy dream home in no time with this collection. Embrace the warm burgundy colour scheme and be the cherry on top of your day!

Black To Basic

Black never goes out of fashion – as this collection proves once again! Combine the dark colours and natural materials that dominate this collection to inject a little mystery into your interior, home, or styling project. Stay close to nature, it will never fail you.

Natural Essentials

This collection is ideal for creating a cosy interior where you can completely unwind. Light wood, natural colours, warm materials, and plenty of cushions and plaids characterize this collection. Drink tea, read books, be happy.

Blushing Beauty

If you like pink, you’ll love this collection! Creating a romantic interior is as easy as ABC with the charming products from this collection. Make your interior pop like pink champagne!

Fluffy Fall

Presenting the ultimate autumn collection, featuring autumn’s finest: deer, squirrels, mushrooms, falling leaves, warm blankets, hot tea, and candles. Stay cosy!


Create the cosy atmosphere of a chalet or wood cabin in your own interior with this Cabinscape collection. The industrial elements, cushions, knitted blankets, and candles are bound to make you feel like you’ve been whisked away for a few days. Ready to escape to the cabin?

Christmas Carols

This collection features classic Christmas elements such as Christmas characters and red and pine-green interior and Christmas decorations. But don’t be surprised if a refreshing black and white plaid pattern on cushions and blankets also steal the show in this magnificent Christmas story. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Spiced Honey

This collection revolves around the beautiful glow of honey. Beautiful brown tones that give you energy. Live life with a little spice and just BEE happy!

La Vie En Violet

Violet plays the leading role in this collection. This beautiful modern colour radiates visions of the future, imagination, and dreams and combines perfectly with light natural shades. Don’t worry, be purple!

Rusty Jungle

Create your own urban jungle with this beautiful collection. This collection stands out from the crowd thanks to the many indoor plants, cognac and khaki colours, leather sofas, vintage items, and colourful textile cushions. Unbe-leaf-ably stunning!

Girl Power

Pink dominates this feminine collection, but don’t be fooled by this ‘pretty’ colour… The gold accents add plenty of attitude. Be the boss girl you always wanted to be.