The trend for autumn: New Classics

The trend for autumn: New Classics

a sneak peek of this autumn!
While our wonderful summer continues, Trends & Trade is looking ahead to the autumn and provides tips on this year’s autumn trend! Get inspired to offer your customers the ultimate collection of must-have items this autumn! This autumn, Trends & Trade is all about the New Classics trend:

luxury and extravagance
The economy is picking up, leading to warmer and more vibrant colours being used in interior decoration. Luxury and extravagance are also evident in the use of shiny materials such as velvet, velour, and satin. Marble, wood, and ‘rust’ are also prevalent. Colours such as gold, golden yellow, indigo blue, green, and terracotta are essential, while pink accents give this trend an air of playfulness.

handmade and green
Large plants and flowers not only provide colour, they also liven up the scene. These detailed handmade items are made in small batches, making them a must-have for your collection.

A look behind the scenes

Take a look at the ‘making of’ for this trend. All of the photos were shot by the Floriade in Venlo!

must-see exhibitors

Our stylist Inez took a number of interested parties on a tour through Trends & Trade to discover the essential products and combinations of this autumn. If you are curious about the exhibitors they visited during this tour, then have a look at the map and create your own tour of suppliers of ‘New Classic’ must-haves!