The hottest ‘Pool party’ summer trend

The hottest summer trend for 2018: Pool Party

Home, Gift, and Garden summer trend

Just imagine lying by a pool on a sunny summers day, a cold drink (in a fancy glass with a cocktail umbrella) within reach, and colourful pool accessories floating about. Pool Party it is! It just so happens to be the hottest summer trend for 2018 and very much in the picture at Trends and Trade.

Get inspired by this latest trend!

You’re probably wondering how this trend translates to the home, gift, and garden sector. The answer is: with the right combination of fresh shades of blue, prints or images from the underwater world, and brightly-coloured items. Use materials such as wicker and rattan, fresh linen, and cheery outdoor lights. With these elements as the basis, the Pool Party trend is easily translatable to interior design shops, gift shops, and styling.

A look behind the scenes

Take a look at the ‘making of’ for this trend. All of the photos were shot by the pool of one of our colleagues!

Be happy

This summer we just leave things for what they are. We’re going outside for the right combination of just doing nothing and quality time with friends and family. The Pool Party trend revolves around having fun and enjoying the important things in life: sunshine, friends, family, and pleasure. The ultimate setting for this would be a gigantic garden with a swimming pool, but with the right colour and product combinations you can capture the essence of this trend in your collection, shop window, or display.

Combine the best brands

Dozens of Trends & Trade exhibitors offer a product range that fits in perfectly with this summer trend. Combine products from Eigen & Anders, Blyco, Bommels Conserven, Kersten, Lauco, MrsBLOOM, and Imbarro to create your own interpretation of this summer trend. Need inspiration? Starting in April, this summer trend’s extensive summer range and atmospheric images will be available at Trends & Trade.

The colour palette for this trend

Combine azure blue with bright colours

It won’t surprise you that the central colour of this trend is azure blue; the colour of the ocean. Blue is an essential colour in the Pool Party trend! In addition to this tranquil colour, extravagant colours such as bright red, fuchsia pink, and bright yellow make their presence felt.

Bright colours combine perfectly with aqua tones and add the extra fun factor to your presentation. If these tones are too intense for your presentation, combine azure blue with white tones to create a summery Greek style.

MIX & MATCH the Pool Party trend yourself with these summery products

Mix & match the hottest products for the summer! Especially for you, our stylist Inez has selected a number of products that create the ultimate summer feeling within the ‘Pool Party’ trend. In addition to these products, you will also find dozens of suppliers with the perfect items for this summer trend. You can then apply Inez’s styling tips in your own shop.

Summery styling in no time

With the right combination of fresh shades of blue, prints or images from the underwater world, and brightly-coloured items, you can create the perfect summery display in no time. Essential elements in this trend include cocktail glasses and crockery with tropical prints, cushions and throws in soft blue, white, and green shades, and summery figures such as fuchsia-coloured flamingos and bright-yellow pineapples. Dress up your presentation with tropical plants or artificial plants, wicker baskets, and comfy pouffes and your Pool Party presentation is guaranteed to be a success!

Styling tip from Inez

Summer-proof skincare products and summery fragrances are perfect products to stimulate additional sales, and they fit in seamlessly with the Pool Party trend!
Offer your customers something extra on a beautiful sunny day. For example, you could set up an attractive drinks dispenser in your shop so that you can offer your customers a spot of refreshment when they enter the shop.

Interested in these summery items?

Below you will find an overview of the products, the exhibitor names, and the exhibitor locations.

  1. wine bottle with fish design – Il Limone – location Foodplein (food court)
  2. glass – Kersten – location J1.01 + K1.02
  3. watermelon – W. de Jong en zn. – location D2.19
  4. cosmetics product – Royal Oriënt cosmetics – location F1.14
  5. flamingo – Bloemetjes & zo – location H2.12
  6. salad servers – Kersten – location J1.01 + K1.02
  7. beach bag – Home Delight – location F1.06a
  8. cushion – Only Natural – location A1.05
  9. cosmetics product – Royal Oriënt cosmetics – location F1.14
  10. tea light holders – Broste Copenhagen – location I2.06
  11. palm plant – Bloemetjes & zo – location H2.12
  12. footstool – Home Delight – location F1.06a
  13. cocktail bottle – Bommels Conserven – location Foodplein (food court)
  14. plaid blanket – Home Delight – location F1.06a
  15. ice cube buckets – Pantrex – location H1.06