Scandinavian and industrial designs and fun items with attitude: Housevitamin is in the house!
Housevitamin is a new Dutch interior furnishings label offering trendy small items of furniture and accessories. It is now proudly presenting its collection at Trend Square (Trendplein) at Trends & Trade.
Owner Mischa tells us about the brand: ‘We have just a touch more attitude than other brands, and we know all about the latest consumer trends thanks to our sounding boards and friends with good taste.’
Behind the Trend Square, you will find a varied range of items including trendy spine-free cactuses, hand lettering cards with cheeky quotes, attractive storage cabinets, baskets, and other trendy decorative materials with an ‘urban touch’ here and there. The mix & match character of the range is particularly striking: everything combines well with everything else.

Housevitamin wholesale

Housevitamin has its own ideas and a designer who brings those ideas to life. All the rest is done in-house: they work efficiently, with fewer employees and fewer overheads. The turnover rate is high, which allows them to keep margins small and offer a rapidly changing range.

There is a story behind every product. Take the spine-free cactuses, for example. ‘We have experienced how bothersome the spines on real cactuses can be. That’s why we now have a collection of plastic cactuses without spines, and they sell very well,’ explains Mischa with a clear passion for the products.

Housevitamin supplier

Housevitamin was launched in the Netherlands last year but had been active as an import and export company for quite a while before that. Housevitamin is already well-known in Germany and Denmark, and it is now taking the Dutch market by storm! Visit Trends & Trade for the bold and trendy range!

Every interior needs Housevitamin!



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