Lifestyle trends from Evenaar!

Evenaar is always busy with the latest living and lifestyle trends. Evenaar uses these trends as an inspiration and will always put its own cheeky stamp on the collection with a lot of colour, striking designs, and products that are slightly different.

Evenaar specializes in home decorations, small furniture, and textile accessories. Evenaar has developed its own exclusive and trendsetting style over the years and is a well-known name in world of home and living.

Ethical and cheekily stubborn

Evenaar’s products are cheeky with a smile, ethical, and environmentally friendly. Suppliers from India provide high-quality and, above all, trendy products with an entirely individual look and feel in an ethically responsible way. Come and be inspired by this new exhibitor with a worldly attitude. The combination of robust materials and cheerful designs makes this collection unique.


‘We always buy from T&T, which offers an extensive range of products. They also offer great service in the event of questions or complaints.’

Jacky & Arno van de PolHome of Seasons

‘The strict policy is a great way to protect shop owners.”

Marjon van Bergen Via Margutta

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