Classic with a passion for tradition: Dutch Style

The collection of Dutch Style can best be described as classic. With a passion for tradition and with a unique character. Every six months the collection is renewed and expanded inspired by their own ideas and designs.


By visiting antique markets and shops in the Netherlands and abroad, Dutch Style is inspired to create new products. The mix of French charm and Eastern craftsmanship gives the Dutch Style collection its typical English look.



‘We always buy from T&T, which offers an extensive range of products. They also offer great service in the event of questions or complaints.’

Jacky & Arno van de PolHome of Seasons

‘The strict policy is a great way to protect shop owners.”

Marjon van Bergen Via Margutta

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  • open 7 days per week
  • over 180 exhibitors
  • only one invoice
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  • conveniently arranged assortment
  • easy to find
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