De Houtkraam (the wooden stall), wholesale children’s toys, decorations, and much more! 

Retro-vintage children’s toys
Golden finds from a lifetime ago as well as fun items from the present day, brought together in one brand new collection. De Houtkraam is a wholesaler specializing in retro and vintage children’s gifts, toys, and decorative items, all made in Eastern Europe.

Purchasing children’s gifts
Looking for an addition to your gift collection or your children’s collection? De Houtkraam is the place to be for a delightful children’s collection and children’s gifts. At De Houtkraam you will find retro toys, children’s room decorations, religious articles, Christmas decorations, and much more. Visit the De Houtkraam stand of ‘central aisle display 3’ for the wonderful children’s collection.


vlonder 3

Do not miss the stand of De Houtkraam on your next visit if you like vintage / retro children’s items! The platform is nicely filled with retro & vintage accessories for the coolest kids rooms with a vintage / retro touch!

A real musthave as far as I am concerned is the lama LED lamp, cool, tough and an eye catcher on every nursery!

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