Cool Winter Deals | Trends & Trade and Fashion Extras

cool winterdeals plattegrond Trends & Trade Venlo

Cool Winter Deals!

WHEN:   02-12-2019 to 15-12-2019


WHERE: Trends & Trade and Fashion Extras in Venlo


WHAT: cool winter deals up to 60% discount! Lots, lots and lots of great promotions and offers that you really can’t miss!


Where can I find which deals at Trends & Trade?

Opistore GmbH | i1.08  50% discount on the entire collection
Goldbach GmbH 30% discount on the entire collection
Rocaflor | G2.20 10% discount on the entire collection
Iphignie Metzler  | L2.38 50% discount on the entire collection
H.U. Scheulen | G2.01 & G2.09 50% discount selected x-mas items 
Promovere | G2.02 25% discount on different LED lanterns
Kunstgewerbe Gehlmann | G2.08 50% discount on the entire collection
Blyco | H1.01 & H1.02 40% discount on selected items 
M&N Woondecoratie | I1.01 60% discount on selected items 
De Stip International | I1.02 10% discount on the Christmas collection
van Baal Textilles | J2.15 Now all knitted acrylic plaids €15,-. Now 20% discount on all xl houses. Now 30% discount on all Christmas cushions
 Corios | C1.13 & L1.11 High discounts on various items!  
 Home Delight | F1.16 20% discount on our glass Christmas trees, glass owl, glass birds and black metal animals. Discount only valid from 4 pieces.  10% discount on all plaids! 
Mini Art | J2.05 The Mini-Art Christmas package consisting of: 2 rolls of ribbon (20 meters per roll) 2 boxes of labels (500 pieces per box) 2 packs of cards (20 pieces per pack) Normal: € 35.– Cool Winterdeal: € 25.
Kersten | K1.02 & J1.01 discounts of up to 50 % on specially selected items
Iluminii | G2.11 25% discount on selected items
Crate & Cargo | A1.13 25% discount on selected items
Imbarro Home & Fashion B.V. | H2.13 50% discount on the entire christmas collection, 15% discount on all the uni cushions and selected items. 


Where can I find which deals at Fashion Extras?


Vincento 40% discount on the entire collection
Fushi 10% discount on all earrings
HEVI 20% discount on all HEVI chains.
7t3 Fashion Company Sale € 9.95*   *on selected items
Cardprotectorshop  10% on the entire collection
Angro 15% discount on the home-wear collection
WAUW Fashion All VOLUM Bags from €29.95 for €20.00
BEHAVE 30 % Cash discount on the entire collection.
BDifferent 50% discount on all bags.
J&W Bags Selected bags €10.00
aXbow Design 20% discount on the entire collection
Seasons Blend 10% cash discount on Inaurus earrings, Timeless bracelets*, Semplices, Ankle necklaces and Magnus necklaces. * Excluding Timeless trio bracelets.
Icon Eyewear 10%  discount on the entire collection
Juleeze 50% discount on selected items
Me Lady 30% kassakorting op geselecteerde artikelen
House of Daz 15% Discount on the entire collection.
1-Nig 20% discount on all FEM bags
Klijn Holland 25% discount on the entire collection
Triple A Cosmetic Outflow models for less than €2,-
Toenga 25% discount on the entire collection! 
Vilenca 25% discount on all leather wallets
Joss Modeaccessoires 10% discount on wallets during the Cool Winter Deals
aXbow Design 20% discount on the entire collection
Alexandra Schmitz 10% discount on the entire collection
Jozemiek 20% discount on the entire collection

Stay tuned for the rest of the deals!

Sirius by P&D Collections

sirius led verlichting inkopen bij groothandel Trends & Trade Venlo

Shining Moments by SIRIUS

Alles, maar dan ook alles, op het gebied van decoratief  licht heeft Sirius in huis. Daarnaast zijn onze Deense collega’s bevlogen en dat zie je in alles terug.

Sirius heeft de meest  prachtige collectie, alles op basis van LED en heel veel artikelen werken op een afstandsbediening (en anders een timer).

Gemak dient de mens….


The easyway

Stel je voor: je komt thuis en met één klik branden overal gezellige kaarsjes en lampjes. Ook hoef aan het einde van de avond niets uit te blazen of uit te doen, gewoon weer één keer klikken!


LED, a better alternative

LED is goed voor het milieu want het trekt weinig stroom en door de afstandsbediening is de verlichting nooit onnodig aan. De verpakkingen zijn daarnaast erg mooi en informatief, een prachtig cadeau.



P&D Collections @ Trends & Trade

Loop bij je volgende bezoek aan Trends & Trade binnen bij de stand van P&D Collections op locatie E2.18.  En koop de prachtige Sirius items in om je winter deze winkel te laten stralen!


sirius led verlichting inkopen bij groothandel Trends & Trade Venlo

x-mas route @ Trends & Trade


wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo decorations and furniture

x-mas route ’19 available now!


Just in case you were hoping for a clear map of our cash & carry that lists all our Christmas collections, we’ve done the work!

During your next visit to Trends & Trade, ask about the x-mas route and ensure you can easily and efficiently put your Christmas collection together for purchasing.


Are you curious about the x-mas route?

Then come and have a look so you are prepared for when you come to make your Christmas purchases. During your next visit, ask one of our employees about the x-mas route.



See you soon @ Trends & Trade!


wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo decorations and furniture


Goodwill, welcome again!

Just like in previous years, Goodwill will be presenting a beautiful collection of Christmas items.

With 30 years of experience, the company is a renowned partner in the decoration industry. The Goodwill design team constantly upgrades its high-quality products, all of which are totally original, imaginative, and suitable for any interior – traditional but with a contemporary touch.

Bring Christmas into your home

Goodwill’s items are sure to bring Christmas into your home. On your next visit, have a look at Goodwill’s brilliant stand on the trend square (‘trendplein’) (when entering opposite the reception).

Goodwill: the ultimate way to enchant your customers.

New collection

Our exhibitors will be presenting their new collections at Trends & Trade! You can find trendy and cheerful home decorations and small items of furniture at the stands at Trends & Trade. Get inspired by the latest collections and themes of our exhibitors. Come along soon and see all the wonderful items on offer.  

Interview Present Time

Who is Present Time?

Present Time is a Dutch company with a Danish CEO, offering a unique combination of Dutch design and Scandi style! Present Time is specialized in home decorations, designer clocks, lighting, and smaller items of furniture.


Headquartered in the Dutch city of Almere, Present Time is active all over the world. You can also visit us during trade fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. All information can be found on our website:


Where is Present Time’s stand?

Trends & Trade: F 2.20


What will we find in your collection?

We have three brands in our collection:

An internationally renowned Dutch clock brand with clocks that stand out in terms of their shape, colour, and innovative designs.

This brand offers a unique collection of lighting and smaller items of furniture.

This brand designs home decoration items in the broadest sense of the word: each has a high ‘must-have’ factor and is suitable for different interior styles.


Which of Present Time’s products is a must-have item?

The ‘Flip Clock No Case’ has been an absolute favourite for years – it simply must be a part of your range! The current collection’s designs come in black with chrome, complete black, and white with gold. The colours CORAL PINK and COMPLETE WHITE will be added to the new collection.


Why do we have to buy Present Time?

Nobody has to buy from Present Time, but I’m assuming that few visitors will be able to resist the new collection!


The company launches a brand-new collection twice a year. Present Time has made a name for itself by using unexpected, eye-catching colours in the items in the three brand collections.

The new CORAL PINK, which takes centre stage in the new collection, is a statement colour for your interior.


However, there will also be more natural colours in brown tones such as ‘SAND BROWN,’ ‘CLAY BROWN,’ and ‘COGNAC’. Not to mention the pastel-esque SUN KISSED COLOURS! There’s really something for everyone.

Groothandel Present time Trends & Trade Venlo

Groothandel Present time Trends & Trade Venlo

LifestyleXfashion 3.0

Mix & match

We all love a little convenience in our busy lives! These days, you can go to the hairdresser for a new haircut and find a great gift for your best friend while enjoying a cup of coffee. You leave feeling great about your new hairdo, the gift you found, and that lovely cup of coffee you had. ‘Industry blurring’ is the biggest development in the retail sector and one which is here to stay. Business owners often look for related items to mix in with their own range to create attractive product combinations for their customers. This new approach has proven highly successful and concept stores are flourishing. It makes things more convenient for your customers and the combination of various product groups is a winning match!

And we have the perfect home, gift, and garden combination for you: LifestyleXFashion. This fantastic merger of lifestyle and fashion products can boost the sales of every retailer in the home, gift & garden industry who’s lacking that extra space. Want to find out more?

>>read more here<<

Wanna join?

Increase your turnover by creating an inspirational display and offering your customers more variety of choice. There’s nothing better than going to the shop to buy a nice vase and coming out with a great pair of trainers as well. This ‘surprise’ effect is guaranteed to bring customers back to your shop, because they’ll want to know about what else you have to offer.


Get inspired.

Let these beautiful concepts by LifestyleXFashion be your inspiration and visit us to purchase this winning match for your shop. As a Trends & Trade customer, you automatically have access to Fashion Extras too. In addition to the cash & carry in Venlo, Fashion Extras has an online store where you can purchase fabulous fashion items.

Don’t hesitate! Extend your product range with lifestyle and fashion items that will delight your customers and give your turnover a boost!

decoratie en fashion groothandel Trends & trade en Fashion Extras Venlodecoratie en fashion groothandel Trends & trade en Fashion Extras Venlo

Fashion Extras under construction

New feel & look @ Fashion Extras

You might have seen that we are hard at work at Fashion Extras to optimize the look & feel and to offer our visitors an up-to-date and extensive product range. Below we share the latest updates about what we’ve been up to! To make shopping even more convenient we are creating a comfortable and stylish coffee corner with a cosy feel where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and take a breather in an inspirational environment.

Once the renovations are complete, a trend square will welcome you as you enter the building. This square is filled with new exhibitors with great, trendy items that are the perfect match for your collection.

Winter collection @ Fashion Extras

We don’t want the changes at Fashion Extras to interrupt your purchasing, so everything continues to run as usual and, even though it’s still summer, the winter collections from the various suppliers are starting to trickle in. Tip: take a look at the winter collection by S.VOI which features great items for the winter that are totally on trend! Don’t hesitate and shop for your winter collection at Fashion Extras now. If you don’t have time to visit our cash & carry >>>shop online<<< in the Fashion Extras online store.

See you soon @ Fashion Extras!


fashion extras groothandel venlo trends & trade

Discover Perle, the wonderful fragrance range by La Tulipe Jaune.

Geurkaarsen dekoratie groothandel Trends & Trade Venlo

Perle fragrance range by La Tulipe Jaune.

We’re totally sold after smelling Perle, the wonderful fragrance range by La Tulipe Jaune. A fragrance that smells as fantastic as it looks – and one that should definitely be part of your collection of home accessories and gifts!

Each item is unique.

The range consists of scented candles and fragrance sticks that not only smell wonderful but also look stunning on the table or in the cabinet. The candle is in a bubble glass holder. As each glass is mouth-blown, each is unique. The candle is made in the traditional way from a mix of 100% vegetable oils, including soy. The soy wax burns better and is purer than paraffin. The wick is made of cotton, and the candle comes in a beautiful black box. It’s great to give and great to get! The deep colours of the glass are eye-catching, trendy, and calming.


Browse the Perle range @ Trends & Trade

La Tulipe Jaune’s stands are located at A1.08B and B1.04. On your next visit, explore Perle – the fantastic fragrance range by La Tulipe Jaune – and fill up your home accessory and gift collections with these stylish items.


perle geurlijn groothandel Trends & Trade venlogeurkaarsen groothandel Trends & Trade Venloperle geurlijn groothandel Trends & Trade venlo

NEW location | Goldbach

Goldbach is relocating!

You’ll be familiar with Goldbach’s cute handmade figurines, pots, lanterns, and other gift items. Goldbach will remain in the central aisle at Trends & Trade until 1 July, after which it will then move to J2.06.
Come check out Goldbach’s new stand – cuteness guaranteed!

Goldbach wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo Goldbach wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo Goldbach wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo Goldbach wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo Goldbach wholesale Trends & Trade Venlo