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Christmas is coming! Buy the latest must-haves now at great discount rates!

benefit from these Christmas discounts

The Christmas season at Trends & Trade is almost coming to an end. Space is gradually being made for the new spring collections. From mid December, you will find the first spring collections at Trends & Trade! That’s why a number of exhibitors are offering various big discounts on their Christmas collections or even on their entire range. Perfect for your last-minute Christmas purchases!



  • CK Kerst and CK wonen are offering a 30% discount on their whole ranges. This offer applies from 22 November 2017 to 15 December 2017 inclusive
  • Kunstgewerbe Gehlmann is offering a 50% discount sale on its entire range. This offer applies from 20 November 2017 to 3 December 2017 inclusive
  • Royal Oriënt Cosmetics is offering a 20% discount on its whole range at Trends & Trade. This offer applies from 27 November 2017 to 31 December 2017 inclusive
  • Brynxz is offering a 50% discount on the entire range. This offer applies from 6 November 2017 to 1 January 2018 inclusive
  • Corios is offering a 25% discount on the whole range from 24 November 2017 to 10 December 2017 inclusive
  • 8 Seasons design is offering a 30% discount on the entire range from 24 November to 24 December 2017 inclusive
  • Fair Forward is offering a 30% discount on the entire range from 24 November to 20 December 2017 inclusive
  • ShiShi by Birkenloewe is offering a 25% discount on the entire range from 1 December to 24 December 2017 inclusive


These discounts apply while stocks last.


In addition to the abovementioned exhibitors, you will also find many attractive offers and discounts on a variety of Christmas and other products through various other suppliers. Come quickly to Trends & Trade and make your last-minute Christmas purchases at great discounted prices.


The many suppliers at Trends & Trade will be selling their Christmas ranges until mid December!

a taste of the Far East with Royal Oriënt Cosmetics

a unique combination of cosmetics and home decoration


Royal Oriënt Cosmetics is the Trends & Trade exhibitor par excellence for personal care products and hammam articles. Complete your spa or beauty collection and present the ultimate feeling of oriental health and luxury in an instant.



The brand Ottoman comprises a broad collection of exclusive cosmetics such as body milk made with pomegranate or olives, natural soaps, body scrubs, shampoos, body gels, hair masks, and much more. All products contain nourishing Argan oil and are available in the fragrances Sahara Musk, Orient Rose, Persian Jasmin, and Royal Amber. The cosmetics are also available in luxurious gift packaging.



Alongside the exclusive cosmetics, Royal Oriënt Cosmetics also offers oriental home & lifestyle products to complete your Oriental wellbeing collection, such as matching towels, dishes, and bottles. It’s a complete range, and your customers will be able to find a moment of tranquillity!


A great offer: Royal Oriënt Cosmetics is offering a 20% discount on the entire range from 27 November to 31 December inclusive. You will find Royal Oriënt Cosmetics at location F1.14.

festive Christmas cards by Studio Stationery

jingle all the way with this Xmas card collection


What a lovely collection of Christmas cards by Studio Stationery! Each has an amusing little holographic foil quote for an extra-festive effect. Studio Stationery also sells cheery washi tape with Christmas prints to give Christmas gifts a lovely finishing touch.

Besides these jolly-looking Christmas cards, Studio Stationery is also the place to be for a wide range of trendy gift items such as binder clips, canvas bags, washi tape, notepads, planners, birthday calendars, posters, training cups for toddlers, stamps, ink, and much more! They are all available with the colourful, fun prints.



Complete your collection with these great must-have items from Studio Stationery! You’ll find this exhibitor at stand J2.14.

The favourite Christmas items of our stylist, Inez!

It’s time to buy those last-minute Christmas items


Christmas is just around the corner – there’s just a month to go! It’s time to buy those last-minute Christmas items.


Our stylist, Inez, would love to show you her five favourite Christmas items for this year!



Here are Inez’s favourite Christmas items:

Christmas tip 1: wonderful scented candles by Bridgewater, available from Joker Import

Christmas tip 2: find a classic snow globe at Scheulen, Joker import, and Goodwill amongst other exhibitors

Christmas tip 3: decorative paper stars and garlands can be found at MrsBLOOM, Only natural, and Imbarro amongst other exhibitors

Christmas tip 4: find festive cushions with sequins at Linnen & more amongst other exhibitors

Christmas tip 5: luxurious Christmas tree decorations can be found at Kersten, Christmas inspirations, and Shishi amongst other exhibitors


Are these Christmas favourites in your top five too? We hope to see you soon at Trends & Trade!


Tip: switch on the subtitles for this vlog using this option: (zou ik niet in Nederlands bericht zetten, wel in de andere talen)

tasting at Digusti

delicious Italian delicacies at Trends & Trade


Digusti will have the tasting tables ready on Tuesday 31 October & Wednesday 1 November. From the delicious antipasti, pasta sauces, and tapenades to the fair-trade olive oil and unique Limoncello liqueur, you have to try it all!



Get to know Digusti’s delicious Italian delicacies and be amazed by their products during this tasting session. The products were carefully and individually selected and imported, so each one is the perfect ambassador of South Italian taste and craftsmanship. Digusti believes in true taste and pure ingredients. Their products have no artificial additives and are all organic. Everything is made with love in the traditional way from the finest quality ingredients. And you can taste it! You can find Digusti in the food court at Trends & Trade.


In addition to the tasting, Digusti is also offering amazing discounts this month on their Hoya de Cadenas Chardonnay. In addition to an excellent per-bottle price, you can also buy six bottles of Hoya de Cadenas Chardonnay for the price of five!

the festive Christmas table

Inez’s ten practical tips for the perfect Christmas table


The lights on the tree are twinkling, the house is decked out in Christmas cheer, and inside it’s cosy and warm. The Christmas season has begun! It’s the perfect time to go big. As in previous years, we’re seeing that people go all-out on their festive Christmas table. It’s an excellent opportunity for your business. In this blog, we’ll share some tips and inspiration that will show you how to make the most of the trend.



This year’s Christmas trend is Christmas Sparkle. It’s a trend with a classic, rustic look and feel that features a whole range of elegant, luxury products. The mix of gold glitter and glamour galore paired with black give this a warmer feel. Using white as a counterpoint ensures that the gold accessories really stand out. Fancy tableware, eye-catching flatware, chic napkins, plenty of Christmas ornaments, and the most gorgeous glassware; our stylist, Inez, has taken it all and transformed it into a beautiful Christmas tablescape. ‘You almost can’t go wrong with this colour combination! You can mix and match different styles within this trend, and as long as you stick to the colour palette, it’ll be a success!’ says Inez.



Inez’s ten practical tips for the perfect Christmas table

  1. Go for height! Take a few slim, tall vases or candelabras and decorate them with glittering branches or Christmas greens. That saves room on the table for Christmas dinner.
  2. Christmas isn’t Christmas without evergreens. The scent of Christmas greens is the perfect addition to the Christmas ambience! If you don’t have any evergreens on hand, the faux version can work, too.
  3. Don’t forget the candles, lanterns, and tea lights to really set the scene!
  4. Fancy tableware, of course, is a vital part of the perfect Christmas table. Don’t have any tableware in your product range? Then use a nice charger plate in the Christmas Sparkle trend colours.
  5. Every party needs confetti, so why not try some hip confetti streamers above the Christmas table!
  6. Go for something a bit different than the traditional table runner. Think outside the box and use a bit of faux fur.
  7. What makes a toast more festive? Special glassware, of course!
  8. Flatware is the finishing touch for the tablescape. This is where you can really delve into the luxury feeling this Christmas.
  9. The Christmas Sparkle trend also features a lot of traditional Christmas decor. That could be cheerful snow globes, luxury ornaments, matching napkins, and detailed Christmas baubles aplenty!
  10. Do you have space for a sample table in your store? Give your customers an idea of what they could do with their own creative place cards and table decorations!


All of the products featured on this inspiration table are available at Trends & Trade.

Lavandoux – fur and room dividers |RHB- stand space and table | Broste – tableware, flatware, glasses, cups, and candles | Colours & green – Christmas greens | Prospectt b.v. – lanterns | CK kerst – Christmas baubles | Bloemetjes & zo – Confetti ornaments| Only natural – Confetti streamers | Clayre & Eef – Candelabra | Goodwill – Glitter branches | HDN – Glitter trees | Scheulen – porcelain tray and snow globe


how to create this look

Want to have your own gorgeous, in-house Christmas table? Then mix and match with a range of different styles to create a fun effect. Take a look some of the products you could use.




Clayre & Eef – Candelabra | 2. CK kerst – Christmas baubles | 3. Scheulen – porcelain tray & CK kerst – Christmas baubles | 4. Only natural – Confetti streamers | 5. Bloemetjes & zo – Confetti balls | 6. Broste – flatware | 7. Bloemetjes & zo – pillow | 8. Scheulen – porcelain tray and snow globe


Best wishes for a joyful and festive Christmas shopping season!

romantic products by Affra

products with an elegant, romantic ambience


What is it that’s so inviting about the romantic interior? Perhaps it’s the feeling of stepping back in time, drifting away into a daydream of gorgeous old homes full of ornaments, decorative furniture, and beautiful accessories with an eye for detail.



With products by Affra, you can give this ambience a bit of a boost. At Affra, you’ll find elegant jewellery boxes, along with mannequins draped in luxurious fabrics and gorgeous gemstones. Mirrors and frames with sophisticated woodwork and hand-painted scenes provide the perfect feeling of elegance and romance! These accessories will take you back in time to a classical era everyone wants to visit again.


Want to inspire your customers with that kind of dreamy mood? Come take a look at what Affra has to offer at stand A2.09 at Trends & Trade.

The enchanting Christmas collection by new exhibitor Goodwill now available at Trends & Trade

Let Goodwill transport you to the magical world of Christmas



As of August, new Christmas exhibitor Goodwill was added to the already lengthy list of festive season specialists. The enchanting Christmas collection by Goodwill can be found on Trend Square, a prominent location at the entrance of Trends & Trade which will give you plenty of inspiration for the festive season the moment you walk in the door. Goodwill is a well-established decorative specialist with more than 30 years of experience and has an extensive and varied collection of Christmas decorations and accessories.


Fantastical Christmas products

Goodwill has a dedicated design team that creates an innovative and fantastical range of products that brim with originality. Goodwill offers a broad range of Christmas decorations that match any collection: traditional with a contemporary twist!



Watch the video with mood images of their stand at Trends & Trade:




purchase products directly

Have you been inspired by the presentation on Trend Square? At the back of the Trend Square you will find the items used to create this presentation, and much more besides! We hope to see you soon at Trends & Trade?


It’s Christmas at Trends & Trade

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Trends & Trade!

foto: Joker Import

Although Christmas might seem far off, fourteen weeks can pass by in the blink of an eye. So come to Trends & Trade for your Christmas purchases now! We have a varied range of Christmas lights, ornaments, baubles, wreathes, and so much more in all styles, colours, and sizes.


Many of our more than 160 exhibitors will be presenting their own Christmas collection in addition to their regular collections. During this purchasing season you will also find special Christmas exhibitors at Trends & Trade that are specialized in festive items.


You can find the following Christmas exhibitors at Trends & Trade.

Goodwill – Trend Square

CK Kerst – F1.01 & centre aisle 4 & 5

Amennis Trading – K1.02b & A2.10

Lauco – B1.02a

HDN Waalwijk – centre aisle K1.02a & centre aisle 1, 2, 6 & 7

Christmas Inspirations – centre aisle 8


If you can’t wait to see the Christmas collections at Trends & Trade, you can already take a sneak peek at the mood images of the many different collections. This is just a small glimpse into a very large assortment of Christmas items!


1. Decostar 2. Joker Import 3. HDN Waalwijk 4. CK Kerst 5. Christmas Inspirations 6. Only Natural 7. Promovere VOF


The Christmas purchasing season lasts until the beginning of December. We hope to see you at Trends & Trade purchasing your Christmas collections during this period.

Inspirational Amazona chalk paint and wax demonstration

Interactive demonstration by Amazona


Interior stylist and author of the book Krijtverf & Kalkwas (chalk paint and whitewash) Christel van Bragt, will be showing you what you can do with paint and wax on Monday 2 October from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM at Trends & Trade.


She will provide practical information about the products and explain techniques such as whitewashing, colour waxing, and shading. Christel will also give tips for interior styling, what colours do for large spaces, how furniture can be given a new purpose, and which colours combine well. Be inspired during this presentation. The wide range of paint is available at the Amazona chalk paint & wax stand!


Take a look at the informative Amazona YouTube channel where Christel gives tutorials about how to use Amazona chalk paint & wax.





Pepe Trade tasting

Taste the Spanish sun at Pepe Trade!


With an extensive range of Spanish delicacies and specialty products such as spices and wines, you can bring the flavours of Spain into your home.


On Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October, Pepe Trade will host a tasting session at their stand. Taste the delicious Spanish delights such as Olivada, a cream made from Spanish olives served on traditional Spanish bread – bocadillo – olives from Cambrils, and extra virgin olive oil… Dig in!



You can find Pepe Trade at Trends & Trade in the foodarea.

An affordable stay at Parkhotel Horst

Competitive hotel offer for our clients


Want to combine your visit to the Flora Trade Parc and Trends & Trade with an overnight stay? We’ve partnered with Parkhotel Horst to bring you an incredible offer!


Enjoy an affordable overnight stay at Parkhotel Horst on 23, 24 or 25 September or on 30 September, 1, 2 or 3 October for just €74.50 per double room (breakfast included). We partnered with Parkhotel to bring you another attractive hotel offer that is valid throughout the year. You can book a room for €84.50 instead of €104.50 from Monday to Saturday and €74.50 on Sundays. To make a reservation, send an e-mail to with the following discount code: Flora Trade Parc Venlo.



A royal experience on the water  

The beautiful four-star Park Hotel Horst is tucked away in the lush green forest of Kasteelse Bossen, in an area with a rich and tangible history. The hotel offers breath-taking views of the lake.


Here, grandeur and culinary delights go hand in hand with tranquillity and pure luxury. For more information, visit the Parkhotel Horst website:


Christmas styling at Trends & Trade

Christmas styling inspiration points at Trends & Trade


Dozens of suppliers at Trends & Trade are offering collections that are right on trend. Our stylists, Marco & Inez, have taken products from these suppliers and transformed them into inspiration points at Trends & Trade, giving you maximum inspiration for your Christmas collection! You’ll find these inspiration points at the entrance by the desk and in the coffee corner, and the restaurant itself has been styled to fit this Christmas Sparkle trend.



Styling tips!

A styling tip from stylist Marco

Invest in an eye-catcher
Take the plunge and invest in an eye-catcher! What that is? A large, striking item – in or in front of your store – that’s screaming out to be photographed and is a perfect way to raise your profile both online and offline. Why not then also top it off by writing your store’s hashtag (#yourstore) on a board, position it near your eye-catcher and then repost the photos posted to achieve maximum publicity?


‘Christmas catcher’
Marco says: “When I still had my own store, I used to display a large, striking figure in it to create the atmosphere I wanted to achieve. Customers always ended up asking me whether it was for sale, so I knew that I’d make back the money I’d spent on it at the very least. It was always guaranteed to generate a lot of attention, photos and a great atmosphere!”


CK Beelden has a whole range of interesting eye-catchers!
The CK Beelden (F2.04) and CK Kerst (F1.01) stands are a good place to start for anyone looking for striking Christmas items. The carousel reindeer is Marco’s personal favourite!


Christmas tips from stylist Inez

A beautifully set Christmas table
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an extensive dinner and no Christmas dinner would be complete without the right table decorations. So, everything that anyone could need to create a festive table has to be a vital part of any Christmas collection! Opt for stylish (golden) cutlery, glitter confetti and Christmas-themed tableware to create an elegant and luxurious dining experience. Last but not least, what better finishing touch than Waxine candle holders and serviettes in stylish designs?



Mood images to inspire you!

mood images of the Christmastrend Christmas Sparkle!

Have a look at the mood photos for the new winter Christmas Sparkle trend and find some inspiration for your own collection, store presentation, or window display!


The colour palette

Colours for this year’s Christmas trend

Gold is clearly going to be a prominent colour this Christmas, while white is an ideal contrast colour. Use gold in combination with sturdy wooden furniture and white accessories for a fresh and extravagant look. Alternatively, opt for a warmer look and feel and combine gold with dark and warm shades of brown. Dozens of exhibitors at Trends & Trade offer a Christmas collection alongside their standard collections and products from special Christmas exhibitors are available too!


Take a look behind the scenes!

the making of Christmas Sparkle!

Take a look at the ‘making of’ for this trend. All of the photos were shot on the beautiful Château de Raay estate!

The mood images for this beautiful Christmas trend were all shot on the beautiful Château de Raay estate. If you’re curious to know how we got them, watch the short film below!

As a Trends & Trade customer, you will receive a discount on an overnight stay at Château de Raay and the various packages available. Why not book your stay to coincide with the Christmas Sparkle event? Just enter promo code TRTR2017 online to activate your discount.

The opening of the Christmas season!

Get started on those Christmas purchases!

As of Sunday 27 August, Trends & Trade will shimmer and shine with Christmas Sparkle! After all, no Christmas collection is complete without a little sparkling glitter! Trends & Trade is organizing workshops and demonstrations from 27 August up to and including 3 September to welcome the start of the Christmas season. Different exhibitors will also be presenting the first Christmas items with a special promotional offer! Let this special week inspire your first Christmas purchases of the season and help you put together a unique Christmas collection!





A week filled with activities

Be inspired by dozens of exhibitors and create your own sparkling Christmas collection. More than 180 stands will be showcasing different styles and product categories. You can also sign up for a gift-wrapping workshop where you will learn to wrap your Christmas gifts in style! Or sign up for a social media seminar (presented in German), or taste some of the divine delicacies during a tasting session at one of our food suppliers. So drop by; there is plenty to see, do, and taste!



Several exhibitors have changed location

Exhibitor news

Several exhibitors at Trends & Trade have changed location in the past few weeks, or have opened up an additional location. See below for the location changes.

We’ve moved!:



New location for Puur Behang

This week, the stand moved from central aisle 8 to J2.01b.


Puur Behang has the passion and drive to design very special wallpaper to suit the wishes of their clients and this passion shines through in the broad range of wallpapers. With more than 100 types of wallpaper, from modern to classic, they create timeless designs for homes and commercial environments.


 T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout


New location for Pomax

This week, the stand moved from F1.06 to I1.01e.


Pomax is defined by natural materials. Zinc, cast iron, wood, terracotta, and linen create products with a classic look. The brand imbues modern creations with the charm of bygone days.



T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout


Extra location for Rogon

Rogon now has an extra location. The usual Rogon stands at B2.20 and B2.19 are now complimented with an extra stand at L2.16. This new stand will house the Walra collection.


Rogon is one of the largest suppliers of decorative cushions, table cloths, and table runners. Rogon has nearly its entire range on offer at Trends & Trade. Rogon is also a supplier of the luxury Walra bath and bed linens.



T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout


New location for Dinnerware & CO

This week, the stand moved from central aisle 2 to F1.06b.

Dinnerware & CO offers the most charming products for the dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, from tableware and breadboards to oven-proof dishes, cushions, and picture frames.



T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout


New location for Home Delight

This week, the stand moved from central aisle 1 to F1.06a.

Home Delight offers a variety of home accessories and interior decorations, with an eye for colour, texture, design, and form. They carry modern and stylish collections from the Swedish brands Dixie and On-interior, the Finnish brand Blossom, and their own brand Home Delight.


T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout


New location for Ginger Lifestyle

Ginger Lifestyle now has a new location. This week, the stand moved from the Trend Square to A1.13.

Ginger wants to inspire people to turn every moment into a special moment. Ginger’s slogan is to live joyfully, colourfully, and give a smile to the world. The Ginger collection consists of high-quality melamine tableware and cheerful lifestyle products for indoor and outdoor use.

verhuizing-Ginger Lifestyle-locatie-stand-trendstrade-standfoto's

T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout


New location for DP Danmark

Over the course of this week, the DP Danmark stand will move from A1.02 to J2.01a.

You will find the most beautiful gift wrap, bags, ribbons, and other wrapping materials at this Danish exhibitor. In addition to their wide range of packaging, they also provide personalized ribbons and wrapping paper with your logo.


verhuizing-DP Danmark-locatie-stand-trendstrade-standfoto's

T&T 2013-09-18 - Handout



Come visit these new stands during your next visit to Trends & Trade and complete your collection with unique products from these exhibitors.

Amazona has new chalk paint colours

The Amazona Architect Collection®: DUIKER: a colour palette inspired by the designs of architect Jan Duiker


Amazona introduces a unique chalk paint collection: The Amazona Architect Collection®! This collection consists of characteristic colours used by inspirational architects. As a tribute to Jan Duiker, the Dutch architect who designed the unique Sanatorium Zonnestraal which is a listed building, Amazona has created the special Duiker-palette. Inspire your customers with these eco-friendly products and techniques that help you breathe new life into old furniture!


amazona kleurenpaletkwast duikergeel

Colourful inspiration

Jan Duiker was an important part of the ‘Nieuwe Bouwen’ architectural movement in the Netherlands. This colour palette was inspired by the Zonnestraal concept which he designed. The concrete building is characterized by slim steel window rebates and a great deal of glass. The window frames were painted a specific type of blue called Duiker blue.


Hoofdgebouw Duiker-Wit beeldmateriaal amzona_zonnestraal gebouw


Unique collection

The unique Duiker collection consists of eight different high-quality 100% eco chalk paints. Amazona chalk paints can be used on indoor walls and furniture and creates a stylish and tranquil look. The paint covers excellently, is free of toxins, anti-allergenic, breathable, and washable. All colours are available in 0.75 litres and 4 litres via Trends & Trade.


You can find Amazona at K1.03 at Trends & Trade.